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A tiny mage is working on his summoner magics and he’s really up for a treat – he wants to summon himself some real top class hotties to play with. He did make a mistake with his spell since all of the girls he called forth are all out lesbians, but that’s still good enough for him – he can watch them get busy with each other and enjoy the sounds they’re making while they please each other – it’s a top class wank material for a secluded mage who has never had luck around women.

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A human high school honey has been courted by a saucy elven girl whose body is like something out of a hentai wet dream. Lesbian pussy munching ensues – and to make things even more interesting they have started making out and having lesbian sex in the middle of the school where anyone can just walk in on them. It’s a risky lesbian gamble, but the girl is just too thrilled about elven fingers up her snatch to care about being found out, her orgasms take precedence over everything.

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Two cute serving girls of a local henta fast foot joint hgave a break and they’ve got nothing to do during the break – no customers are around – their boss is not there to give them some assignments, all in all, it’s a boring day for the two of them. Boring day until they remember how to spend some quality time – on top of one another in a hardcore lesbian embrace! If you’re into lesbian hentai loving, these two busty teen girls will serve you up with the kind of scene that will certainly give you a boner to talk about.

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Hentai teen babe with massive set of melons is being played by her lesbian teacher – the busty girl knows how to treat cute teen girls and is more than happy to get her xxx skills used in an one on one scene that’s definitely going to make your blood boil. They don’t have any other onlookers keeping eyes on them, and the classes aren’t starting for a while so they can spend a few hours on top of each other, using their hentai fingers and tongues for maximal pleasure in one of the hottest lesbian hentai scenes you’ve ever seen.

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How about a nice lesbian hentai locker room affair with two teen chicks whose perky tits are just perfect for teasing and pleasing. Cute and tasty, these two chicks have a lot of free time to spend on top of one another, and they are not even worried about being heard – this is after all of the classes , they’re having their private practice and nobody can even hear them moan and groan as they tongue fuck each other. Delicious and saucy, these big breasted eye candy lesbians will definitely get your blood boiling.

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